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Saturday, June 10, 2006

copa day2, end of day

well you can call today the first "real" day of the copa event.. nice crowd, a few people bought shirts, and one guy even said hed come back with the guys he plays "peladas" with and buy 20.. slowly but surely the event is taking form.. the games today were exciting.. in the first game england bested paraguay on an own goal by gamarra.. paraguay could have won if they knew how to finish.. trinidad and tobago surprised everyone holding sweden to a 0-0 tie, sweden should have won that game by two or three goals.. in the final game, the ivory coast surprised as well by giving argentina a hell of a match, the ivory coast played their hearts out but in the end, argentinas experience gave them a 2-1 victory.. lets see what tomorrow brings.. the pics on top are from todays event.. love and miss you guys.. :)

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Best Mama said...

Is it true that the streets have been painted green and yellow? Tell me the truth...