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Friday, June 09, 2006

test run

ok we did a test run today for the first two games, we had some glitches with the projector, it would keep shutting off, but that seemed to be an overload problem with the circuit breaker.. we have some problems with the glare from the screen, and we should be able to solve that tomorrow.. poor me, i need to watch every single stinkin game of the world cup and get PAID!!! 64 games of world class soccer instead of being cooped up in the office, or back in miami worrying about hurricane this or tropical storm that.. oh well, such are the sacrifices i made when i moved to brasil… on the games, costa rica impressed me, but germany was too much for them.. poland disappointed, they missed at least three goals, one on a fast break, and two that hit the post.. ecuador played solid, well enough to shut the eurosnobs up, and if costa rica plays against poland like they did against germany, they might be fighting ecuador for second place in the group..


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