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Friday, June 09, 2006


well its down to hours.. the copa starts at 1300, brasil time, 1800 in berlin, 1200 in miami,, 3 years and 11 months of waiting, for a whole month of nothing but the best soccer in the world.. inspired by my good friend jose at hispanic marketing today i have decided to post my first round picks, which appear at the end of the post.. the whole city, the whole country,most of the world with few exceptions, is ready for this to begin,, here, the schools have let the kids wear brasil jerseys in lieu of uniforms.. banks, government and city offices, in fact most every type of office have rescheduled their ours so as not to conflict wioth brasil and other high profile games.. some weeks back there was a huge war between the police and a criminal gang in other large cities, and part of the deal made to stop the nonsense was to allow the prisoners to get access color tvs for the copa.. thats a whole another issue, social commentary post, but my point is, in this soccer mad country, even prison riots and civil unrest are connected to to copa.. ok guys i have ALOT to get done but will try to keep in touch..

group a

group b

group c

group d

group e

group f

group g
france-sou korea

group h
saudi arabia-ukraine

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