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Friday, June 09, 2006

copa event

ok everything seems set up at the bar.. we set up the screen, tested the projector, and all went well.. so far so good.. i will be very busy at the event but will keep you guys posted.. at the too is just a pic of the screen, and a big brasilian flag put up in the bar.. its there everyday, not just for copa.. which brings up an interesting point.. country bars aside,how many bars do you go into back in the states that ALWAYS display the american flag? its not just this place,most every store, bar, cafeteria, even the cabaré and boites have the flag.. (quick note, one of the cabarés has a picture of Jesus hanging up right on top of the bar and dance floor, which is kinda amusing in its own way).. anyways, i just think national pride is a funny thing, how people express it around the world..

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