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Thursday, June 08, 2006

the copa event

ok the copa event.. so this is what happened.. I was sitting at a bar/ restaurant (here, most every place is both) having dinner and the owner is complaining that every bar in town has a big screen.. so this light, it goes off in my head and I call him over.. in my head I came up with the following plan.. I would get him the projector and the big screen, set it up in his bar.. id get these shirts (they are called kits here, I will explain that later) printed up with the schools name, the bars name and RUMO AO HEXA (on the road to hexa, because if brasil wins this world cup, it is their 6th, the hexa championship) printed up.. id make up banners and get radio sports to promote the event.. id charge a cover of R$5 (about US$2.30) per person every day they came to watch the games in the bar.. as an option, they could by the “kit” at R$15-R$20 (its about US$6.73-US$9.00, we still haven’t decided how much it will be) and watch all the games without having to pay each time they came.. the owner of the bar (btw, his name is nilton, and the name of the bar is mercatto) gets to keep all the food and drink he sells, and the school gets to keep the money form the cover charge and shirts.. we are also going to make up tickets, where people write down what they think the final score and stats from that days games will be.. we sell the sheets at R$1 or R$2 and whoever picks the most games right will get half the money, and the school gets half the money.. right now this event is taking up A LOT of my time, and I need to get back to work on it.. ok love and miss you guys….


annette said...

Dan, you're a marketing genius! I am impressed.

By the way, I got your request for books. Does Amazon ship there? I imagine they must--how could Amazon not ship to the Amazon (yes, I know, but I sacrificed precision for an attempt at humor). I will try to send them along. It must be hard living without literature. I see from your entries that even the grammar is scarce down there. Here are some apostrophes. Please use them! '''''''''''''''''''''''''

Anonymous said...


This is great, good thinking!