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Saturday, June 10, 2006

copa day2

ok guys it’s a bit early here, 0646 (5.46 am, dst, miami time), but I got stuff to do even BEFORE todays copa games, that begin at 1000 (9am dst miami) with a game im really looking forward to watching, england v paraguay.. the 1300 (12pm dst) miami game is sweden v trinidad and tobago, and closing up the days games at 2100 (3pm dst miami) is argentina v ivory coast.. aside from working the event i need to go to the stadium in the morning for a practice game between the b team to test some players out.. woe is me.. part of my work requires me to watch every game of the world cup and watch games in person.. oh well....

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Danny's mother said...

I'm glad that everything is shaping up the way you want it. As you said; slowly but surely.

Why don't you send some of those shirts? We'll be proud to wear them.

The Herald has nice articles about the Copa. I imagine yours are better. Would you like me to send you the articles?