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Sunday, June 11, 2006

how soccer transcends politics

ok those of you that know me know my political views.. pretty much further to the right than franco and the john brich society.. but when it comes to soccer, its different.. i can put politics aside to watch and enjoy the games.. i know that if cuba was playing id be rooting for them to go all the way, regardless of who is in charge.. back in the cold war days, i would love to watch the big red machine of the soviet union play.. wouldnt happen in the olympics..i can still remember papa getting mad at me cause i laughed my ass off and cheered when a soviet diver tried to do a backflip and cracked his head on the cement platform.. in 98 when iran beat the us 1-0, all i could think of was "wow, they played a freakin awesome, tight, solid game.." such is the case today, ironically enough, with the iranians again.. at 1300 brasil time (12 in miami, 6pm in nuremberg) the iranians square off against mexico.. two teams that can play a brand of soccer exciting and enjoyable to watch.. when it comes to copa, i dont root on political lines, but on the teams themselves, the players, the style of play.. i never cared what the italians did in the olympics, but i cant stand the style of soccer they play.. i like boca juniors in the argentine league, one of my favorite teams in the world, but as a national team i cant stand the argies, they dive too much.. there is alot of talk and controversey about iran in this worldcup, mainly because of their president mahmoud ahmadinejad and comments he made about israel and the talk of their nuclear capabilities.. there are rumors he was part of the student group that stormed the us embassy and took the hostages.. but for the copa, and ONLY for the copa, i see him as a fan of the game, i happen to think its cool when the national president goes off to see his team play in the copa and take part in training.. apparently, mahmoud is a big time soccer fan, as was kadaffi from libya.. to sum it up cause i got to get to the copa event, if you guys want to understand how much i love this game and this event,think how important it must be to me if i can put politics aside for one month, and just enjoy the games for what they are.. for those who care, the early game is serbia montenegro v holland, the middle game is mexico v iran, and the late game is angola v portugal, a game that raises political implications, back to the colonial days.. enjoy them!!


Jose said...


Great post, you know you are not the only one who feels like that. In Ivory Coast the Civil War there has actually been put on hold for the World Cup...incredible!


Noelle said...

I, Noelle, who is dog, agree with you, Danny. Politics should be put aside for pure sports. And, what is more pure than SOCCER? I ask and answer; NOTHING! My mother, who is also your mother, agrees INTELLECTUALLY. Her heart, however, tells her differently. If Hitler were president of Germany, not a single jew would root for Germany. Even if it were his/her homeland or if Germany had a great team made up of caring, pro-Israel youths. The way my mother, who is still your mother sees it, if it gives Castro a teensy-weensy bit of pleasure, then she does not want it to happen. You, Danny, being very smart, should be able to see and understand that. Don't let her know that I agree with you because she feeds me and gives me many treats.

I woof you,


Gloria said...

Hi Danny!

I enjoyed your last post. It was very informative. Tell me, who do you poroject will win the Copa?

It is evident that you are very happy with your new job and that is all I care about. I just wish it were closer.