daniels day2day in garanhuns

Friday, June 16, 2006

its peanut butter jelly time!!

best news ive had in a long time.. (my boss) andy and his family will live here for the next year to resolve issues with the school and get this project really moving.. they brought down a huge tub of peanut butter and jars of grape jelly.. im gonna eat peanut butter jelly sandwiches like theres no tomorrow.. its one of the things i really miss..


Danny's Mom said...


I'm glad your dream is now complete. PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICHES! WOO HOO! When the P.B. runs out you can make your own. We used to do it in Cuba. Just put peanuts in the blender until it reaches desired consistency. Add salt to taste. I hope the jelly is grape.

Oneyda Medina said...

Hi Danny, I'm glad everything is going well with you, I just didn't know how to access the comment and your mom is here with me and helped me, please keep on sending news about yourself and I'll keep on knowing about you and will tell Gloria to send you the messages. Keep up the good work Love Tony and One