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Sunday, June 11, 2006

whats in a name?

in brasil, most everyone is known by their apellido, or nickname.. ask people who edson arantes do nascimento is, or maria da graça meneghel, and you will probably get blank stares.. but say pelé or xuxa, and everyone knows who you are talking about.. i havent read up or studied on why this is and how it came about, but i probably will at some point.. but just to share, here are some of the nicknames ive picked up here so far, in no particular order:
gaginho (gago means stutterer, in brasil, porky pig is called gaginho)
miami (and one person calls me mi-to you guys it would sound like my, which sounds alot like mãe in portuguese, which means mom, i kinda think thats funny..)
baiano (this means someone from bahia, another state here in brasil, this is because i once wore a jersey of esporte clube bahia, and people just assumed i was from there)


Luna, dog said...


At the risk of sounding ignorant...Who is xuxa? I know who Pelé is! Fortunately, unlike stupidity, ignorance can be remedied. So, elucidate me. Funny thing about a name, a few very famous people are known by their FIRST name. One says William (Shakespeare or Tell?) or John (too many here!) and no one REALLY knows... Ah! but say Michelangelo, Dante, Galileo, Madona, Cher, Luna... In this instance few know the last name but all (or most) know who is being talked about. Interesting that the majority is Italian. By the way, Danny, Michelangelo shares your birthday. About nicknames, some nicknames are cute and endearing but some are meant to hurt. NEVER, NEVER use a nickname to hurt someone's feelings. "Sticks and stones may hurt my bones but words will never hurt me." Not true! Words hurt more than sticks and stones because those stay forever. When people make fun of dogs, it is hurtful. Sometimes I wonder who has the higher IQ. Sometimes I don't wonder, I know. I, Luna, who is still dog love you, Danny. "The mere sight of you brings tears to my eyes and I remember to thank God for my life and yours." Tell us more about the food.

Many licks,

Luna, dog

Sparky, good dog said...


Are there dogs where you live? Do you bite them? Do you force them to bite you?

Small nibbles to you,

Sparky, good dog

Gloria said...


What is the meaning of the hat and the glasses? It reminds me of Truman Capote.

Very interesting, the things you post.