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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


there are some words and phrases here in brasil that are taken from they way they sound in english, but written the way they sound in portuguese.. there is a chain of juice bars here called amazonia mix.. they have some really delicious combinations of fruits, most of them not readily available in other countries.. i have lunch there maybe twice a month, and get juice there maybe once a week.. last week they introduced a "new product" called "SMOOTY".. i got curious and wanted to try it.. i just hadnt had the time, with the copa event and all.. ever since they introduced it, all you saw were signs and banners around town, and radio spots, promoting this new, exciting, delicious drink at amazonia mix.. so today i finally went in and got my "smooty"..know what it was? a smoothie.. kinda like the crumpets incident (inside family joke, but if someone wants to know, ask me or my mom or annette..)

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Danny's Mom said...

Ah, yes! Smooty. Similar to asén, lacasina, chirró and the best of them all...morejón. In Cuba, we had many of those; bibaporrú is my favorite. Hey! We (Miami Heat) are tied for the FINALS! But you knew that. I love you!