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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

time for a break

ok so the past couple days was alot of castro-cuba blogging, but i got a sort of break today, when i headed down to the stadium, "o gigante do agreste" to watch the local team, sete de setembro against íbis... íbis is pretty much known in brasil as the worst team ever.. they went years without a victory or a goal, kinda like columbia university in college football a few years back.. sete won on a fluke goal.. but at least now i can die saying i got to see ibis play.. íbis, the most infamous team in all of brasil.. i got to say this about the passion here.. people dopnt care if its a small unknown team, its their team and thats all that matters.. the 100 or so fans in the stadium today feel the same love and passion as fans of the larger teams do..

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