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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

is this the day?

well the news coming out of cuba has spread like wildfire.. kind of interesting the way i found out.. theres a bar i drink at from time to time.. late last night theres a knock on my door and its one of the girls that works there.. she came to tell me that for some reason there was a bunch of people on the tv jumping up and down, with the flag that is on your soccer jersey (she was talking about my cuba soccer jersey).. so i grabbed my jacket and headed off to the bar.. sure enough, the national news broadcast was showing the images from little havana.. like ive said before, lets wait and see, but if it is true, heres what im going to do.. first ill head down to the church and say a prayer for his soul.. sfter all, who needs prayers more than him.. but after that, im going to buy three of "colhetes" (big ass bottle rockets) and set them off.. then im going to get shit faced drunk, not for me, but for anyone who wanted to see this day and didnt make it..

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