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Friday, August 04, 2006

Juanita Speaks

ok the castro story is still running, so im gonna pass along a couple of items from the brasilian press... "Se Raúl Castro tomar o poder em Cuba esta será uma oportunidade que deve ser aproveitada porque ele é mais aberto do que Fidel" here, juanita castro, sister of fidel and raul says raul is more "open" than fidel.. she goes on to say now is the time to approach cuba and normalize relations... in this story, juanita says alive but very ill.. she says he is out of intensive care.. she spoke to someone on the island "who knows what goes on with fidel".. the phone call was disconnected.. she tried to call back but the line is constantly busy.. shes concerned because she never has had problems in the past getting through.. she says despite ideological and political differences, he is still blood, and she has nice memories of their childhood.. she says she and fidel have argued on the phone in the past, on political issues.. juanita says that in the past, people have gone to her pharmacy asking for help back in the island, letting a family member leave, or assistance with a relative who in prison.. in the past she had no desire to visit cuba, but says she would go today if fidel asks for her.. she again said that she was hurt with the way many exiles took to the street to celebrate the news about fidel, fidel may be fidel, but he is still my brother, blood.. on raul, she says he is very different from fidel, and more open to change..

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