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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

more on zidane

someone in the comments section asked for a bit more on the zidane incident.. here is a link to google news with more info, and here is another.. follow tem and you will find more info on it.. this story is bringing everyone out of the woodwork.. in this story, an iranian official says zidanes reaction was a result of islamic pride.. in this story a far right italian politician has interesting comments.. here is a snippet : Meanwhile, the far-right vice-president of the Italian Senate stoked anti-French feeling in the country on Tuesday, branding the French team as "blacks, Islamists and Communists".Roberto Calderoli, head of the right-wing popular Northern League party, refused to retract earlier comments in which he hailed Italy's defeat of France in Sunday's World Cup final as "a victory for Italian identity"."When I say that France's team is composed of blacks, Islamists and Communists, I am saying an objective and evident thing," Calderoli was quoted on Tuesday as saying by the Ansa news agency.Italy's all-white team, from a largely devout Catholic populace, had won against "a France team which sacrificed its own identity by lining up blacks, Islamists and Communists to get results," Calderoli had said on Sunday.

everyone has an opinion....

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