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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

fidel castro dead?

this guy has been killed off more than i dont know what.. ive heard this story a million times now.. one of the things i was afraid of before i moved to brasil was that i would miss the scene in miami when fidel castro finally died.. there are stories buzzing all over the internet.. val at babalu blog has some info here, and links here, and here is a story.. of course, there are those that think he was killed off in 1981 and replaced by alexis papagos.. (thanks to sergio at babalu who found that story)


Danny's Mom said...

The point is: SOONER OR LATER...HE WILL DIE! Like all of us, Castro must die. Personally, I will not rejoice. All I pray is that, if I go to heaven and he is there, I do not react negaively. It could cost me "the big plunge" into hell. Now, if I go to hell and he is there also...Well! That would mitigate my suffering for sure. It would be almost pleasant!

Anonymous said...

Skunkel Dan:
I miss you! When are you coming? I saved some food and chocolates for you!
Niece Phia